Is it time to invest yet?

A month back I saw an app on play store when everyone was going crazy to invest in the market. Being an accounting graduate, the trend caught my attention and I started researching online and signed myself up for various trading platforms such as xtrade, plus500, pepperstone support, etc. I got more than a dozen calls within a week luring me to invest my hard-earned money without any experience whatsoever. Among those platforms, one platform offered me an online training of 15 minutes if I invest the minimum amount i.e. USA 100 equivalent to AUD 160. It was kind of big investment for me so I decided to research more. I came upon so many posts and pages that I realized I invested a whole week just to know the basics. I download some apps and played around with demo account but never got the hang of investment and yields. Finally, I saw an app that promised a portfolio for investment with a yearly return of over 6%. It was certainly a very low level of return for people who deal via trading platforms. But I do not dream to become a millionaire overnight. I like to play safe so I invested $100 initially as a one-off payment and also assigned $50 weekly investment via the same app. So, the total investment for week 1 was $150. Coming down to week 6, I have more than $500 on my account. I have cut off my coffee expenses (no way I will quit coffee but I make coffee at home rather than spending $4.50 each day for a regular almond latte). I have also reduced the expense for breakfast as I eat at home before heading out to my office.

My point is, no investment is small. Yes, we need to have patience and wait but the return will be fruitful. Based on my projected return, I can expect to get well above $90,000 in 15 years’ time. If you can invest $100 a week, you can expect to get more than $150,000 in 15 years’ time. I trust experts more than myself even if I take training and start trading on my own. I might do that in the future when I can invest time to learn, but for now, I have decided to go with experts.

If you would like to know more about the app or would like to discuss the investment opportunity, please subscribe and send me a message. I do not endorse the app nor I will refer the code to earn a mere $5.

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