Youtube or Tiktok?

There was a video that was trending and was on my recommended list of YouTube. Curious, I observed the 12.37 minutes long video and never skipped a second of it. The content was more of a roast and argument of YouTubers and TikTokers. It was entertaining and somewhat realistic from the perspective of someone who is neither a YouTuber nor a TikToker. My favorite time pass is the videos, mostly on YouTube and sometimes on Facebook, never ever on TikTok. However, I do maintain an account that I made on TikTok. I don’t know when and how I made that account but never tried to produce any video, nor on YouTube too. I remain a believer in pen on paper i.e. fingers on the keyboard. 

I believe writing can express as much emotion as any other form of communication can express. Between the fights of video bloggers (vlogger), people like me would like to stand on the side rather than point fingers on any one of them. The fight between good and evil; gods and demons, have been going on since ages but we are we to decide who is good and who is evil between these vloggers of various platforms? One thing we all can agree upon remains the influence these vloggers have had on society. The theme of the video whether a minute long or an hour can be the same. We can negotiate as much as we want but the argument never stops. The Platform differs and the perspective of the bloggers too. Not only against another platform, one can be observed on an argument with the same platform. From kids to seniors, anyone can enjoy videos but the theme and content of the video matters. Not for views, likes, and comments, one must perform what he does the best for the society. These people are obviously the best in producing videos but rather than pointing the fingers at one another, it is worthier to focus on influencing people. The video was funny and it made my day. 

I have also decided to check out some TikTok videos to discover what’s out there in the virtual world.

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