It is never too late to start

Many successful people have started late on their life and reached to the top. After thinking for years, I purchased a domain, and a plan from WordPress, designed my website, and added blog posts on my website all in one day. It was May 12, 2020, almost 10 years after I started my first job as a content writer for travel websites that I finally made my thinking a reality. A thought always kept me away from making my dream a reality, will I be able to manage time for my website with a fulltime that often calls for overtime and working over the weekends too. I was scared that I will not be able to provide time. But finally I started and here I am writing my third post in a row.

A day before I did all this, I did not even think that I will be making my dream a reality. I woke up, logged onto my computer, and clicked on a few here and their pages when I stumbled upon an ad for a domain. I decided to check if was available or not. And yes it was available for a price of $24. I purchased it. It was time for me to try out free WordPress. After making a decent page, I decided to transfer it to my domain. 

The next step was to purchase a plan to host the domain. I paid another couple of hundred dollars for a decent plan. That plan also included a free domain, and that is when I realized that I should not have purchased a domain but rather purchase the plan and get a free domain. However, I learned my lesson and I hope it can help people out there who want to start the same. Never, never purchase a domain because most of the hosting plans already include a free domain. My curiosity to purchase my named domain made me restless, and I acted without proper research. I have been thinking about doing this for a long time, but it was only on my mind and never on the computer nor on paper.

Overall, the experience was fascinating where I learned and tried out some new things. Of course I spent a couple of hundred dollars, but finally I started what I had been planning for almost a decade. I am not the best of the writers, but I consider myself someone who can do partial justice to words, feelings, and literature in general. I would like to remain low key and write what I have on my heart and mind. I think about the topics for the next day when I go to sleep because I do not this to be my daily live blog but rather some words on something else, apart from my daily life. However, this post is a more or less about my experience so I do not want to deny the fact that I will also include my daily activities on a timely basis but it has to be fascinating and exciting to me. And my words will also be a part of what I feel about the topic rather than just be neutral to what I write. Being neutral will also neglect the meaning and theme of the words. I believe that writing can never be plain without any feelings and emotions from the writer.

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  1. I am also trying to make an website. Your post has encouraged me to try it soon. Thank you and all the best.

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