Importance of small things in life

Oft-times in our life we encounter minor things which typically do not indicate their proper value. We all might have heard the phrases such as “big things come in small packages” or “good things come in small packages.” From a birthday cake by colleagues at dingy office to a pleasant smile from a casual stranger at a train station, people might typically take them for granted when they typically hear these conspicuous examples but when it inevitably happens to them, they will notice the peculiar importance of small things in active life. 

Life today has become complicated and often we admittedly take small things for granted with a desperate hope for some other big things to undoubtedly come. But big things do not always come in big packages. However, not all good things can be scarcely perceived to be achieved from small things. This might be due to the fundamental fact that each and every specific individual differs radically from one another and so does their conscious perception of precious things. A bonus of $200 to someone who ears $700 a week is very big in form of a small but generous bonus by the boss who might earn, let’s say, $20,000 a week. ON windows 10, it was impossible for me to insert “@” without having to copy it from google search until I found a small trick to change the keyboard type from the United States to Australia. Likewise, some hacks and tricks which might seem small in life bear a bigger purpose and value. 

My first post ”Is it time to invest yet?” talks about an app for investment where I have set up a weekly investment plan. The weekly investment is not big as compared to the yield it will reliably deliver in 15 years times. It might go downhill and inevitably make me tragically lose my personal money but as per the economic experts and historical trends, I can reasonably expect to ample pocket more than a hundred thousands dollars, easy, in 15 years time. That will be undoubtedly a productive investment and the ultimate result will be big things come in small packages. On contrary, people who trade on the market might have a contrasting perception regarding a weekly investment and returns only after 15 years. The fastpaced life has made almost of us to evolve to appreciate small things in life. 

Why does Taiwan, a communist country with similar sized population to Australia, only have 440 coronavirus cases so far? They did one small thing, implemented a quick action plan of 124 items including travel ban from many parts of China, and implement a strict punishment for anyone who disobey these action plans. Learning from violent SARS outbreak of 2003, they efficiently managed to quickly control the pandemic while some unfortunate countries were too liberal to instantly relax at the churches and solemnly celebrate easter. A small decision has such a massive impact that we must learn and adapt to our fastpaced life. We need to sincerely appreciate small things. 

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