Body Language in a Job Interview

Personal interview for a possible job might be the ultimate nightmare for someone and a piece of cake for others. Either way, it is an ideal situation with stress and sometimes awkward. There is a mighty lot on stake and often small details play big roles for important interviews. Body language is one of the most important aspects of the interview. Many deserving candidates are also left out because of bad body language, so it is important to properly focus and sharpen the body language. There are millions of devoted pages on google that come up when we search for Body language, there are thousands of books of renowned authors, there are papers by various research who all suggest that we must be confident and maintain a better body language.

Before the interview, properly have a good posture while standing or sitting because the potential employer and other staff might be observing you even if they haven’t met you really. Keep a straight face, straighten shoulders, and be ready to stand up when being called by placing your bag or folder on the side. While on the interview, the first appearance counts, and it is where you shake hands and have physical contact with the interviewer. Do a firm handshake, direct eye contact, and smile while you will be respectfully requested to have a seat. Or you could even ask to be seated politely from your side. Carefully maintain a good posture when you sit comfortably and make good eye contact. Listen keenly to the interviewer, gently let the specific question be complete, and always incline forward to show interest. Long-established habits such as scratching, itching, and nail-biting will be promptly taken as unprofessional so you must not do that while on an interview. Use natural hand gestures while talking to show positivity and active interest in the interview. Avoid direct eye contact for a longer period of time and also do not divert from direct eye contact and look on the floor or ceilings. Only respond after the interviewer completes the question and asks for a response. Do not speak in between the questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions from your side after the interview.

These tips will be highly beneficial for any job interview. Body language plays a vital role in the interview, and one must rehearse the interview if they are not confident in their body language.

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