Time management vs laziness

In this modern fast paced society, being lazy is a sin. A lift can be unfortunately missed in a minor second that leads to missing of the overcrowded train, being late at work and going home late. Cook, watch tv, sleep late and again wake up late the next morning. A precious second can persistently haunt you for days if you do not get back to the lost second. Times where you are rewarded for long hours, over time, and long meetings; laziness is considered to be a deadly evil. You might not be a lazy person and just happen to sleep more a certain day. But a lazy person is genius person.

A lazy person will always find some better ways to properly focus and sufficiently complete the daunting task. They are the most productive ones who might not waste precious hours on meetings. Laziest people can finish the task just before the deadline in speed of light because they always focus on what is necessary and not spend time for anything that is unnecessary. Lazy people are also team players and can manage teams more efficiently. They will deliberately divide the work, so they must cover less. They are capable of diplomatic delegation of the complex tasks so that everyone will undoubtedly have something to do, thus managing the team perfectly.

Lazy people might not do the hard work, but they surely are smart. They will find shortcuts even for software like Microsoft office and get a automated way to do repetitive things in daily life. Just because people are lazy does not mean they have a bad work life balance. Lazy people can carefully make optimal use of the time by spending time on things that add value to their life. They use their available time and energy for what is necessary to progress in their life. Even if the wake up late, they will make the best use of time and recover. If you see a smart person, possible chances are the person is a definite lazy.

Laziness can often be misunderstood for being worthless. Modern lazy people are smart people who know how to balance time and energy to have a harmonious work life balance. We can often be judgemental and label people as crazy without even knowing how efficiently they are running their life. A lazy teammate can be your life saviour to get the job done. Numerous debates can be found online if smartness and productivity should be rewarded instead of more time for non-productive tasks. Be smart and lazy but not just lazy.

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