Is it enough yet?

Where would Jack Ma be if he had ever thought ‘’Is it enough yet?’’ He would still be Jack Ma, but we probably would not know that a Jack Ma existed. We would not know if any man could still have such extraordinary persistence and exemplary patience which would eventually make him the wealthiest person in China and 21st most powerful person in the entire world. He applied 10 times to the Harvard Business School and further 30 to different jobs for which he was rejected each time. Ma once said “I even went to KFC when it came to my city. Twenty-four people went for the job. Twenty-three were accepted. I was the only guy who was rejected ”. People go into depression for unusually small things and Ma endeavoured such misery for his educational and professional aims which he could never achieve. But he achieved even greater wealth, experience and most important of all, a valuable life lesson which we all can all admire. Would he achieve all these if he ever had thought of quitting? No. He fiercely resisted with ill luck and sincerely believed in hard work.

We would never get to see the movie 127 hours if it were not for Aron Ralston who fought with the impossible to stay alive. After his right wrist was pinned in the side of a canyon wall, he freed himself after 5 dying days by amputating his arm with a dull pocketknife. Not only that, he also made his proper way through the rest of the canyon, rappelling down 20 meters drop and a further 11 km of hiking to reach to human civilization. Notable people like Ma and Ralston are the prominent example of remarkable persistence and hard work.

People often disregard how valuable life is and fail to enjoy it. Life is not easy nor living each day is serene. But life is also beautiful. We might never get another life. Mothers suffer a great deal of pain to give birth to a living being and father suffers equally to raise the family. Who are we to dishonour our mother and father? We suffer each day, but there is a brighter part to life. We are alive. We should be thankful that we exist and have a purpose in life. When life gives you lemons, it is not always easy to make lemonade. One thing is for certain, life will continue with or without us, so there is no use in sulking too long. Live every day to enjoy. Live to live.

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