Life and Happiness mantra: Do anything you want and get anything you want

Life typically means “the condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter, including the capacity for growth, reproduction, functional activity, and continual change preceding death. “Is real life that simple? Is life just about growing in size, reproduce, function, and die? No, life is a gradual process of living, being happy when sad, and being happy when happy, devise possible solutions for problems, live to live and die in eternal peace. Basically, for me, life is all about being happy. Sometimes you have to pretend to be happy and other times you really are happy. But what is happiness?

The term happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional states, including positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. It is also used in the context of life satisfaction, subjective well-being, eudaimonia, flourishing, and well-being. Happiness is getting anything we want and doing anything we want. Some people define happiness as being rich while others argue about being healthy on contrary to being wealthy. We are taught to debate on health vs wealth since our childhood. But we were never too mature to understand those. Is healthy being happy or is being rich? Or is being healthily wealthy is happiness? But in a more complex sense, happiness is much more than being healthy and wealthy. Happiness is a state of mind. For some people, if they get anything they want, they are happy. For others, if they do anything they want, they are happy. The definition of happiness varies, from classical philosophers to modern aristocrats, from emperors to present-day politicians; everyone has their own definition of happiness. According to Osho, “Happiness happens when you fit with your life when you fit so harmoniously that whatsoever you are doing is your joy. Then suddenly you will come to know: meditation follows you. If you love the work that you are doing, if you love the way you are living, then you are meditative. Then nothing distracts you. When things distract you, that simply shows that you are not really interested in those things. “Buddhism defines happiness as, “Buddhism pursues happiness by using knowledge and practice to achieve mental equanimity. In Buddhism, equanimity, or peace of mind, is achieved by detaching oneself from the cycle of craving that produces dukkha. So, by achieving a mental state where you can detach from all the passions, needs and wants for life, you free yourself and achieve a state of transcendent bliss and well-being. “From Islamic perspective, ‘’the happiness is not merely a temporary state of joy and delight; rather it’s is a lifelong process aiming primarily at bringing eternal happiness, peace of mind, tranquillity of heart, contentment in this world and everlasting bliss in the Hereafter. ’There are many more sophisticated definitions of happiness but we are not going to debate. Happiness, in layman’s term, happiness is being happy with life. Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, etc have their own version of happiness, but do they all mean one thing? They all imply that happiness is the state of mind, an ongoing process of living, where one feels pride and joy in whatever they do; they use knowledge and wisdom to take life decisions and attain peace of mind along with tranquillity of heart.

But it takes a lot of dedication and perseverance to attain peace of mind and tranquillity of heart. People suggest meditation which I believe, and as per the surveys, is one of the best methods to calm the mind and make peace with the body. Modern scholars also suggest the following proxy to meditation:

  1. Cleaning
  2. Walking
  3. Music
  4. Dance
  5. Laugh
  6. Yoga
  7. Tai Chi

The issue remains, fighting with body and mind to try and meditate, walk, dance, laugh can be a better option than to do anything we want? If people are allowed to do anything they want, will they have to find out alternatives to be happy? If they are supported to get anything they want instead of hindrances, will they be happy? Will that create anarchy and chaos or a better world? Please comment below how in a parallel universe will such world work.

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