The Perfect Man

I may not be the perfect man

But I’ll be by your side whenever I can

I’ll always be there for you

Whenever you’re feeling down and blue

I may not know to take you to movies or new year lights

Deep inside I cry but for you I am always alright

My food may be salty and not tasty 

But with love, everything tastes good baby

I may not be tall dark and handsome man

But I am what I am

I have and will always love you

In brightest day or darkest night, be by your side

I may not be the perfect guy

But I’ll make sure your cheeks are dry

I’ll wipe away all your tears

Throughout the rest of my years

I probably won’t be the perfect husband

But with your hand

I’ll do the best I can

Being your one and only man

If show off is what it takes

I will put my life in stake 

I have put my heart in your hand

I hope this is just a misunderstand

I trust you will everything I have

My life is yours full, not only half

Trust me when I say I love you

I mean it and I know you love me too 

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