Hello! I’m Subodh

I am a 2018 graduate of Holmes Institute with a concentration in International Business and Managerial Accounting and dual qualification in Master of Professional Accounting and Master of Business Administration. I completed this dual qualification in 1.5 years (Fast Track). As a recent graduate, I got an opportunity to work as an Marketing Specialist at Global Consulting and Business Services Pty. Ltd from Feb 2019.

I am an experienced Business Devlopment Manager, Blogger and Content writer. I have provided my services independently to vast range of clients from students to celebrities, politicians to motivational speakers. My educational background of business, marketing and accounting has given me a broad base and enabled me to work as a Marketing Specialist and also made me capable of writing, editing and checking various types of resumes as well as cover letters for individuals applying to a new job or changing career. His speciality is content writing. His skills can also be seen on official documents such as company profile, corporate profile, research reports, and letters. I am alo a trained accountant who is adept at the Australian Financial & Accounting Policy.